As I indeed mentioned in the part one of this story, my meeting with Pastor Chris Okafor the fiery founder and General overseer of the Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministry was purely by chance.

In this interview conducted in his office on Sunday 22nd December 2019, he spoke on the many controversies associated with him and his charity works.

CKN News: What was your immediate reaction when the controversial video on the woman with the multiple arm healing miracle broke?

Pastor Chris: My brother,it was that of shock, disbelief and at the same time expected.

Shock in the fact that the narration was completely wrong. I never knew the woman from Adam so the narration that it was prearranged was definitely inaccurate.

Just as you saw during the service you attended (that morning), people come with all sorts of ailments and got healed. Hers was no exception. Just as she rightly said in the interview you conducted with her, she has been to several places for her healings which after sometime reverses.

But on getting here, her healing was permanent, so I don’t see how that should be a problem. Moreso we released the video ourselves,it wasn’t released by anyone, it was our ministry that released the video.
Disbelief because I was also surprised to read all the negative stories that we paid the woman handsomely for what they called “the show” , that is not true.

You don’t pay to be healed in the ministry,it has not happened and will never happen.

But all these are not unexpected, because people try to use human minds to interpret the spiritual works of God,it does not work that way.

Divine healings come from God ,we are the only vessel through which that manifest.

As I have said ,I was not surprised one bit,if human beings in those days could doubt the various miracles performed by Jesus Christ,how much less would they believe that by people like us.

Let me give you a practical example,in the Bible, there was this blind man that came to Jesus for healing, Jesus covered his eyes with clay, he asked him to go to a nearby river and wash his face ,that ll he will regain his sight.

He did and his sight was restored.

The Pharisees doubted the healing, they interrogated the man, they even called his parents to testify if he was truly blind, which they confirmed that he was blind from birth. They still didn’t believe them.

That was Jesus Christ, our Lord and saviour healings being put to question,so all the negative stories that went with it didn’t surprise me if they could do that to Jesus Christ, what less do you expect from fewer mortals like me.

That healing (woman with the twisted arm) was just one out of several thousands of healings that have happened under this ministry and by the Grace of God will still happen.

CKN News kindly search YouTube, you’ll see the miracles that happened when I had a programme in London, that was in a foreign land,no one till today has come to say it was fake.

Let me also shock you, do you know that the controversy generated by that Miracle, led the Nigerian security agencies to the woman down .

She was interrogated and questioned to confirm the veracity of her claim,she was unequivocal in her answers to them,I didn’t even know they traced her.

She told them everything that happened and how she has been healed permanently healed.

CKN News: We also learnt you were once kidnapped, can you tell us about that.

Pastor Chris: That is true, about seven years ago,I was kidnapped and was in the kidnappers' custody for 52 days.

After my release, do you know that people went ahead to say i orchestrated my own kidnapping, can you beat that?.

Part of the deal was to totally cripple my Ministry.CKN, you won’t believe it, by the time I came back our Church had practically lost all its membership, there were just less than 80 people left in the Ministry.

But the God I serve, took absolute control, the calling is not of me but of the one who called me, today as you could see the story has changed

CKN News: Tell us about the little boy that was kidnapped or that got mission in your church.

Pastor Chris (with a big sigh) , namesake, that I would say was one of the greatest trials of this Ministry. We had a Sunday service normally as we do after the service news started making the rounds that a little boy has been stolen.

Initially, I thought it was a fairy tale but it dawned on me that we were in deep trouble.

The boy was searched for everywhere and no one could found him. He reported to the Police, yet he was not found.

I was so worried and traumatized. It got to a point where people started peddling the rumours that I used the boy for rituals and that he was buried inside my altar, can you beat that.

Back to the story of the stolen boy. I went into prayers, I called on my father to vindicate me and shame my enemies.e damage is enormous.

Back to the story of the stolen boy.I went into prayers ,I called on my father to vindicate me and shame my enemies.

A few days later, God revealed to me that the boy would be found, I came to Church and told the congregation

After some days, God manifested himself and the boy was found far away in other State where the ritualists who kidnapped him abandoned him , the prayers reached our creator

The boy of about two was seen roaming about and was picked up and kept at a motherless baby home.

It was a popular actress who heard about the boy that took interest in him and started her investigation to find out where he came from.

The boy couldn’t say much when asked about his parents and place of abode.

When asked who was his Pastor and church he attends, he said Pastor Chris, he didn’t know which Pastor Chris or the name of the church.

The lady went further to make a google search and came up with pictures of several people with the name Pastor Chris in Nigeria.

If your calling is not of him, my brother with time it will fizzle out, you cannot mock God.. build something on nothing..

That was how contacts were made with our Church and arrangement was made to reunite him with his parents.

CKN,tell me what would have happened if that little boy was not found,you see you cannot build something on nothing.

If your calling is not of him,my brother with time it will fizzle out,you cannot mock God.

CKN News: We also learnt you once had SARS invading your Ministry, what really happened.

Pastor Chris: That was one of the most ridiculous incidents that ever happened.

We were just having our Church Service when about 15 fully loaded SARS men fully armed came and surround our premises.

What was the problem, they said we were under investigation

To them,its unbelievable that a young man from my tribe could come to Lagos where they have dominant Churches to impact positively in the lives of people ,that to them is a big challenge which they cannot stomach.

It is a three-storey which is almost completed now (CKN News crew later visited the place).

In the course of the construction, we decided to dig our sewage system. In the course of digging the workers found a grave with the skeleton of a body in the grave.

We quickly alerted the Police and the landowners .who told us that yes,it was the grave of their mother, they never informed us that someone was buried there.

The police made their entries and the body was taken away and reburied by the family.

A few days later, some people never knew that story went and reported at SARS that we buried a body in the compound and they invaded our compound, can you beat that.

The local Police narrated everything and said proper documentation was made of the discovery.

And that was the end of the story, my brother, the stories are just too numerous but at every given curve, God has manifested himself.

Which will I talk about or leave, is it the female lunatic that they arranged to storm the Church to say I had sex with her.

The problem is that some people are not comfortable with my rising profile and God’s hands on me.

To them, it is unbelievable that a young man from my tribe could come to Lagos where they have dominant Churches to impact positively in the lives of people, that to them is a big challenge which they cannot stomach.

why didn’t they mention the churches,why were they particular about Pastor Chris Okafor,that in itself speaks volume.

CKN News: Apart from these controversies, what other things do your ministry do.

Pastor Chris: We are a Ministry that does not publicize our works .We have impacted positively on our immediate communities and beyond.

The electricity transformer servicing the whole of this area was provided by us.

We have provided pipe-borne water and borehole for the community. Our empowerment programmes for widows which include provisions of newly built houses for them. There are so many things i cannot just reel off my fingers now which we’ve done and will still do in the future.

CKN News : Thanks for obliging us with this interview.

Pastor Chris: God bless you and your crew, Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year to you and all your readers across the globe.

Thanks for taking out time to reach us and to find out the truth unlike your colleagues who just seat down to conjure and destroy other peoples hard earned integrity



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