Thursday, 26 December 2019

Enugu Police Command Parades Woman Behind The Slamming Of Housemaid On The Floor

The Enugu State Police Command has arrested the woman that slammed a young housemaid on the floor and went on to beat her mercilessly

Her name is Amaka Otolehi from Ngor-Okpala, she married to Nkem Otolehi. The girl in question is Goewam Peace (from Jos) while Jonathan Goewam is her uncle that gave her to the Otolehi family as a housemaid.

According to Amaka, she acted out of anger and have never maltreated Peace this way.

The video of the incident went viral on social media and has been condemned by people across the globe.

The police said she ll be charged to court as soon as possible.

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1 comment:

  1. Thats not true, that she has never maltreated this defenceless child, lik this act obviously is what this innocent child goes through daily, she must be punished by law, this woman is not worth to take care of any child. I wish all her biological children that a minors, should be taken away from her and she should never be allowed to tske care of any minor again. I must say the local authirities, Nigerian police force and everyone inolved, deserve the biggest clap and commendation i love you all.