Sunday, 3 November 2019

Crime Fighters,Police And You TV Programme Repackaged

Nigeria’s foremost crime and security programme, crime Fighters, the Police and you, is back on air. This time with a bang

The programme which hit the airwaves in 2000 on NTA, Minaj TV and Africa Independent Television, has been repackaged in response to the growing demands of the dynamic television viewers who seek to be informed and educated about issues on crimes and other criminalities in the country.

It is rich with riveting contents and filled with suspense; the repackaged series tells a story of how crimes and other criminalities are conceived, plotted and executed by perpetrators, bringing real life scenes dramatized to depicts such circumstances in compelling manner

The programme which is recognized as Nigeria’s one crime series is aired every Sunday on Television Continental, TVC, at 7;30pm local time on DSTV Channel 418, GoTV Channel 45 and TVC Entertainment Channel 47 and remains the nation’s number security programme.

This one-stop-shop award-winning programme is designed to spotlight acts of criminality and policing in Nigeria as well as focusing exclusively on law enforcement and public safety in the country

According to Dr. (Mrs) Aisha Tosan-Agberebi, Chief Executive Officer and Producer, the programme was created to sensitize, inform and raise security awareness amongst the citizenry, while spotlighting the activities of the police and other security agencies.

She also stated that from inception till date it remains the leading programme spotlighting security matters in the nation, informing and educating members of the public on crime and how to eradicate or minimize it in our communities.

Crime Fighters is produced by a team of seasoned professionals comprising of journalists, technical crew personnel, Marketing/Administrative team. At the head of our team is the Executive Producer. The programme is produced from the Lagos Head office of Crime Fighters located at the heart of the Lagos mainland.

The crew comprises of Programme Director, Legal Officer, Production Manager, Reporters/Presenters/Writers, Regional Correspondents, Cameramen, Non-Linear Editors, Interns, Studio Assistants

Through the contributions and efforts of this group the programme is created and delivered on a weekly basis to millions of viewers across the country both on Digital Satellite Television and regular Terrestrial TV.

Crime Fighters, the police and you, no doubt, is a must-watch, WATCH OUT!

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