Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Joe Igbokwe Lied,Air Peace Replies APC Chieftain's Allegations

The management of Nigeria's foremost airline, Air Peace has denied an allegation by an APC Chieftain Joe Igbokwe that he was prevented from boarding an Air Peace flight to Abuja because he once criticized the airline in 1018.

Joe Igbokwe who narrated his so-called ordeal on his facebook page accused the Airline of breaching his right.

But the airline in a swift reaction said Igbokwe's narrative was laced with lies.

According to the airline,Igbokwe arrived the airline counter late for his flight after checking in has closed.

His subsequent attempt to take the next flight was also unsuccessful since the flight was full already to.

This was Joe Igbokwe's post


Last year December 14 2018 I travelled with Air Piece airline to Enugu on my way to Makurdi for a meeting of Conference of APC Publicity Secretaries, CAPS. On our way to Enugu the Aircraft developed a fault that led to loss of pressure and this created unimaginable panic, screaming, tears and uproar. We gave thanks to God that it was not worse.

I returned to Lagos after to notice that the incident has become a national issue as passengers who recorded the incident posted the video and began to talk. I told my own side of the story on my Facebook page on what transpired and how I remained calm. TVC invited me with the late PRO of the Airline Mr Chris Iwara.I gave an account of my experience of what would have been a national disaster and just moved on.

This morning I had a 6:30 am flight with Air Peace to Abuja to attend an event slated for 10 am but missed it . I met Toyoso Akerele-Ogunsiji at the Airport who worked to get me in for 7 am or 8am. She worked so hard and I received attention. I was happy that I can still make it. I was shocked to the marrows when a manager walked to me and said he had an instruction from above that they should not allow me to travel with Air Peace because of my encounter with them last year. They said I did not speak well of Air Peace.

After our Conference in Makurdi I travelled to Abuja by road and still took Air Peace to Lagos. Last Friday I took Air Peace to Owerri and flew Air Peace back to Lagos. Now what is my offence? How did we get here that we cannot point out what is wrong in the system? Can’t Air Peace accept criticism or correction? I am yet to figure out why Air Peace had to do this to me.

Throughout history I have found out that criticisms make us to pay attention to details. Criticisms sharpen our skills and he that wrestles with us sharpens our skills also. Criticisms help us to win a debate and get better. It pains me to no end that the management of Air Peace can do this to me ."


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