Saturday, 3 August 2019

Veteran Journalist Azuka Jebose Plans To Build State Of The Arts Hospital In Nigeria

Some of the beneficiaries of his humanitarian gestures
Former Punch Newspaper Entertainment Editor Azuka Jebose is planning to build a state of the art hospital in Nigeria soon.

He stated this via his social media page.

"A few days ago, I announced on this platform that I shall begin campaigns to raise $10Million  that would help me build affordable Community Heath Clinic in Nigeria where no patient, young or old, Muslim or Christian, woman or man, rich or poor, shall be denied health care. Universal  Healthcare is a basic fundamental human right for every person in homeland Nigeria. This is a daring campaign that begins now. I pray for your support. It is a two-year campaign. I pray and hope that by June 22nd, 2021, I will celebrate my 60th birthday by laying the Foundation of the Clinic at its site which is currently undecided. Please join me. Log on here and donate any amount. No amount is too small. Support also by sharing this link on your various social media.

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