Thursday, 1 August 2019

Malaysia Grants African Illegal Immigrants 4 Months Amnesty To Leave Country

Following the recent happenings in Malaysia between Africans living in Malaysia and their host country Malaysia, the Malaysian Government has come together in a recent communique in recent week and came about the Amnesty Program for all illegal immigrants living in Malaysia which commenced from today August 1, 2019 - December 31, 2019.

This is for all those who’re living in Malaysia illegally without proper documentation and valid Visas can now key in into the Amnesty Program and walk up to the Immigration Department counters at Jalan Duta, Putra Jaya and they will be given a week Visa in final preparations to leave the country and they will be blacklisted for the period of about 5 years from entering into Malaysia.

[See Terms and Conditions of the Amnesty Program Applies]

Within these period there won’t be anymore Police brutality, raiding or unlawful breaking ins and badging into apartments as usual anymore and this period is given to every illegal immigrants to get themselves prepared to leave the country in peace. If you don’t have Passport anymore, Travel Documents [TC] can be accepted and allowed which can be obtained from your country embassies and High Commission.

This is a final agreement and arrangement the Malaysian Government has put in place to help and assist for the fear of coming up or being jailed for overstaying, as defaulters will be held liable and responsible of their act after the expiration of this Amnesty Program which will attract 2 years jail terms if found culpable after deadline from January 2020.

The country also claimed that Africans, rather the illegal immigrants are not contributing in any way to their economy rather causing havoc and troubles. 

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