Saturday, 24 August 2019

FBI Arrest Of Nigerian Internet Fraudsters,Takes Toll On Nigeria's Image In USA By CKN


The past 72 or so hours could pass as one of the darkest days in the image of Nigeria here in the United States of America.

The arrest of several Nigerians involved in internet scam running into millions if not billions of dollars (one of the highest ever witnessed in USA), makes headlines every other hour on National televisions here.

The scam which was discovered in Los Angeles by the FBI involved over 70 Nigerians with connections across the globe.

Most of them have been arrested while some are in Nigeria.

Several individuals and companies have been ripped off them of their savings.

As if that was not enough ,a secret investigation carried out by one of America's biggest TV Network (ABC) has revealed how some Nigerians here scam people with the promise of doubling their money.

ABC was able to track one of them down and with hidden cameras, he was captured live on tape ,this was shown here severally (We ll broadcast the video in the next broadcast)

Our new Ministers of Foreign Affairs and the Executive Chairman of the Diaspora Commission indeed have a lot on their plate.

The clossial damage to Nigeria's image here in the United States is so huge that, every Nigerian are being painted with the same brush.

It's the major topic for discussions everywhere.

Investigation is still ongoing and more arrests will be made according to the United States Government.

This incident may have ripple effects on some genuine Nigerians who may want to seek visas to visit the USA.

Chris Kehinde Nwandu


Reporting from USA

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