Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Revealed:The Female Pilot That Saved The Lives Of Hundreds Of Passengers In Crash Landed Air Peace Flight

We've had pilots landing planes on seas,we've also heard of other miraculous landings across the globe ,but never have we heard of any plane landing without its front tyre here in Nigeria in recent time.

That was the feat performed by Capt Simisola,the pilot of the Air Peace flight that crash landed in Lagos yesterday 

Most passengers who spoke after the incident commended the professionalism displayed by this pilot.

But for her and God, Nigerians probably would have been in mourning now.

The plane enroute Lagos from Port Harcourt on Tuesday lost its tyre in the process.She said there was a problem with the nose wheel as they landed because planes land on rear wheels first.

No life was lost in the incident 

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