Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Nigerian Mother Seeks Justice After Her 3 Sons Were Killed In London (See Pictures Of Sons)

A Nigerian mother whose three sons died as victims of violence in the London has said she would not wish her grief on “her worst enemy”.

Linda Burke-Monerville and her husband John Burke-Monerville have lost three sons, most recently in Barnet earlier this year when father David Bello-Monderville, 38, was knifed to death when two groups attacked each other with blades.

The parents tearfully recalled their three children’s deaths on Good Morning Britain today and called for justice for their family.

Mrs Burke-Monerville said: “I don’t wish this on my worst enemy, I don’t wish it on nobody, no human being, no mother.”

Mr Burke-Monerville added: “We are trying very hard to bear up, we’re aware of what’s happening to us. It’s a very difficult time for us, but we are trying.

“I have to hold on to what is left of my family, so I stand up as strong as I can.”

Six years ago, David was in a car with his 19-year-old twin brothers Joseph and Jonathan Burke-Monerville when a gunman fired three times.

Joseph was shot in the head and died in hospital in what police believe was a case of mistaken

The parents said they wouldn't wish their grief on anyone (ITV)

In 1994, a third brother Trevor Monerville, 26, tragically died after being repeatedly stabbed in a Hackney street by five men.

Those responsible for Trevor and Joseph’s death have not been brought to justice. There is an ongoing investigation into David’s death.

The Met said it is working to provide answers for the family.

Speaking on Monday morning, Mrs Burke-Monerville tearfully said she did not want her children to be “statistics”.

She said: “We didn’t want them to be statistics of gun culture, we just wanted them to have a good education.”

Desperate for their sons’ safety, the family said they had made attempts to keep them out of harm’s way by sending them to Nigeria for their education, where they excelled academically.

Mr Burke-Monerville said: “We did everything possible.”

Joseph Burke-Monerville was killed in a shooting

Mrs Burke-Monerville added: “I just want justice, justice has not been done for Joseph, justice has not been done for Trevor.”

Viewers of the emotional interview took to social media afterward, with one user writing on Twitter: “Heart-breaking for this family, such loss and pain. They have my deepest sympathy and I can’t imagine the pain.”

Another wrote: “My heart goes out to the Burke-Monerville family, no family should have to go through the pain they are suffering.”

A spokeswoman for the Metropolitan Police told the Standard: "Our thoughts and sympathies are with the Monerville family who continue to suffer following the tragic loss of three young men, whose futures were cruelly stolen from them through violence.
Mr and Mrs Burke-Monerville on GMB (ITV)

"We fully understand their need for answers, and hopefully our ongoing investigations into their murders will go some way to providing them. “

“We continue to appeal to the local communities to come forward to assist us; we need them to tell us what they know so that we can bring those who are responsible to justice.”

“We have received a complaint from the family detailing a number of criticisms of the investigation with respect to their son Joseph, and this is being investigated by the Met’s Directorate of Professional Standards. We expect this to be completed soon and once it has concluded, we will update the Monerville family at the earliest opportunity.”

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