Nigerian Government Needs To Create The Platform For Young Music Talents To Grow – JAAJO, US-Based Nigerian Music Artiste

Fast growing US-based Nigerian music artiste, JAAJO, says one of the ways of creating exponential growth in the entertainment industry, particularly the music sector, is for the government to provide a conducive platform for such … In this exclusive chat with the publisher of, Emeka Monye, the US-based singer who is on a promotional tour of the country on his latest album, titled: “Dalikwaute”, also speaks on other sundry issues affecting the music industry in the counytry….

Let’s get to meet you, I mean, Tell us about yourself, Your family and other details we need to know about you?

I’m Ebere Matt. Mbadi, aka JAAJO (Prince of Njaba) I’m an singer, Songwriter, communicator, model and fashion stylist. I had studied mass communication at the  university of Nigeria Nsukka. I’m the 6th child in a family of seven. I hail from Njaba LGA in Imo State, Nigeria.
You recently released a music album, and your genre of music is AFRO POP, what informed your decision to go into POP?

Yes, I just released a single titled “Dalikwaute” which means (everything is balanced)
 which is making the airwaves now. My genre of music is Afro Pop which is a reflection of who I am. An African art with a unique style of music and brand which is strictly Afrocentric. As an artist, I believe it’s a wise decision because it’s a platform for me sell my brand and African heritage to the other side of the world.

You are Nigerian-born US-based music artist, tell us when did you leave the shores of this country to the US and how has it been like playing music in the United States?

I left the sores of the country for United States in 2012, since then I have been doing music. Though doing music hasn’t been a smooth sailing, especially when you combine it with other means of survival because you have to pay your bills. That’s United States for you. Again, considering the kind of music we do, it could take you more longer to break through in the western world than in your country (Africa) who understands  your perspective better. (Culture, message, language, dance, rhythm etc.) So it’s better to stick to where you have advantage.
What year did you start music?

 I professionally started music in 2007.

You are on tour of promoting your recently released album in Nigeria, is it that you are coming back to Nigeria finally, considering some of the challenges you enumerated you face in the United States?
Not really, I still leave in the U.S but I frequent home for music and other businesses. Sometimes you need to spend some time to get your project accomplished like I’m doing now. I have been on promotional tour across the country for over a month now pushing my latest single “Dalikwaute” and the results have been massive. I thank God for that.

Now, tell us, what is your assessment of the music industry in Nigeria?
It’s a great thing to talk about and to be proud of. This is an industry that started with nothing but today it’s creating jobs and empowering the youths. It’s making millions of dollars and putting food on people table. Its attracting the bigwigs in the entertainment industry around the world. Kudos to the revolutionaries.

What’s your experience like, your challenges, since you started playing music?
I started music just like every street hustlers out there before I had the opportunity to travel to the United States. Though, I have been an independent artist, you know what that means. I have been combining music and fashion before I left. You made money from one and you invest it into another. Sometimes you don’t get good results. There’s a big competition going on. It’s getting expensive by the day. Any wrong step, you start allover again. There have been ups and downs just like every other businesses out there. But God is great.

Where have you spread these talents to?

I have spread talents in the area of writing, singing, entertaining, modeling and fashion designing. At least, a fragment of the globe knows that somebody like me exists.

Have you done any collaboration with any music artiste, both in Nigeria and the United States?
I have not. But collaborations are cooking. I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag now until i’m done. I tell you what, I’m seriously working on it. Big names are involved. When I’m done, the world will hear from me.

Do you think government needs to pump in money in the music industry to help it grow?
Not only pumping money into the industry, government should create a platform to grow young talents in the industry. When they put in their talents, they make money. Where their songs are sold in the market and they make money. Where the media play their songs and they make money. When people stream or download their songs they make money. Let’s create our own iTunes, spotify and what have you. There’s no good business structure for music industry Nigeria. No strong legal bindings governing the market. It has become all comers affairs. It’s just like putting money in an unplanned project which will boil down to a waste. When there’s a good structure, every other things will fall in place.

Share with us, the potentials that abound in the music industry

So many potentials  abound in the music industry. It creates jobs, it’s a therapeutic measure for relaxation and happiness, it takes the youths out of street. It crusades for social change, it creates market, it sells heritage e.t.c .

What’s your perception of people’s attitude to music in this part of the world?

people’s attitudes are welcoming and courageous too. We have learnt to creates and adopt the music of our own. We have learnt to support our own from nothing to this big. Nigerian music is going far and wide, breaking the boundaries. Kudos to my people.

Do you think of failure when you embark on a project?

No, I’m a win win person. When I set my mind on something, I hit it with positivity. Sometimes you may not achieve it all. But there should be some level of success which is a stepping stone to the next level.

Did you get the support of your family when you were starting this music?

My family has been marvellous. It has supported me from day one. I’m so proud of it.

Any message for up-coming artists in the country?

My message to the struggling artists in the industry is: know who you are, leverage your core values, work hard, keep pushing even in the face of tribulations. The industry is very competitive and expensive now but keep moving at a capacity that you can carry. I advise them to take good advantage of social media. With little or no money, you can publish your content out there, you never know who could come across it and the rest will be history.


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