Sunday, 21 July 2019

77-Year-Old Murderer Released For Being Too Old To Kill Convicted Again For Murder

A murderer identified as Albert Flick was released in his late 60s after being deemed too old to be dangerous but shocked many when he again killed another person.

According to reports Flick, stabbed another woman to death in front of her twin sons 11 times in broad daylight.

The 77-year-old murderer before his release about 9 years ago had served more than 25 years in prison for violent crimes against women.

The Army Veteran who had spent 19 years working at a doughnut shop in Westbrook, Maine, committed his first murder 40 years ago after his wife served him with divorce papers.

Back in January 1979, his wife, 35-year-old Sandra Flick’s body was discovered to have stabbed 14 times. She, however, lived long enough to tell the neighbour her husband did it.

Flick was arrested but released in 2000. This was 9 years early into his 30 years jail sentence. WCSH reports that then in 2007, Flick was charged again after violently attacking a woman he was dating.

He was later released in 2010, but again assaulted another woman and was incarcerated.

The 77-year-old struck again on July 15, 2018, stabbing Kimberly Dobbie, a homeless woman, 11 times in front of her two children. Flick had reportedly met the deceased while living in Lewiston, Maine and in no time became infatuated with her.

According to some witnesses, he was so obsessed with her that he would follow her throughout her day, even as the feelings were not mutual.

Flick eventually attacked and killed Dobbie last summer and was found guilty of the murder on Wednesday. He is now expected to serve the remainder of his life in prison. He will be sentenced on August 9 and faces a minimum of 25 years.

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