Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Kidnapper Of 3 Weeks Old Baby Nabbed

The man in the picture kidnapped this three weeks old baby
Report has it that the mother left the baby in the sitting room and went into their bedroom to get something, the criminal who has been monitoring the baby's mother quickly went into the house, wrapped the poor baby in a cloth and went off with a bike man who already was watching and waiting outside.

Unfortunately for them, the woman came out and on noticing that the baby was missing,quickly raised alarm and got everyone alerted. This resulted into stop and search at every junction, in and out of her area.

Unfortunately for the criminals the Okada developed a fault while they were trying to escape through another street far from the baby's home.

As God would have it the sleeping baby started crying at the top of his voice and it got people alerted and the kidnapper was promptly apprehended with the baby.

They have been handed over to the Police for further investigation 

CKN News could not ascertain exactly where the baby was kidnapped as at the time of going to press.

Most people believe that the kidnapper probably planned to use baby for rituals 

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