Saturday, 18 May 2019

IBB Is Not Dead

Contrary to the widespread rumour that former Military President,General Ibrahim Babangida is dead, it has been confirmed that he is alive, hail and hearty. Babangida Former military head of state, General Ibrahim Babangida An online Media had published that the former President passed on Friday.

It was however, gathered that General Babangida is hail and hearty and still bubbling with life.

An impeccable source said that General Babangida along with his children, close friends and Associates broke fast together in his Hill top mansion Friday. “It is normal that during fasting like this, all the Children of the former Military President normally come to Minna in and break fast with him.

Not only that, Babangida normally break his fast with many of his friends and other relatives and he has been doing so since this year’s fasting started including yesterday and as you know, the dead cannot break fast with the living and that is to tell you that the man IBB is still alive and not dead and still bubbling with life,”the source declared. Zainab unveils scorecard as foreign reserves hit $44.69bn As at the time of going to Press, General Babangida is still said to be expecting some visitors which he is scheduled to meet around 10pm.

IBB calls Buhari a role model to politicians “This is to tell you that the man is still very healthy and a testimony that he will still live long,” the source added.

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