Friday, 3 May 2019

False Alarm Led To The Killing Of A Father (Accused Of Trying To Kidnap His Own Son)

The picture above is that of two innocent men who were killed on a false alarm in Bayelsa state.

According to investigations by Mr  Bodmas kemepadei who made inquiry about the story, the truth reveals, that a certain lady (name withheld) who resides at Ede-Epie community, Yenagoa, claimed that the deceased fathered her child while she has also given same child to another man.

The deceased who then came with his brothers to forcefully take possession of his child whom the said girl has now given to another man, he was then accused as a ritualist, and that was how it begun, and the two victims were mobbed , nobody asked question, everyone was just venting their anger, hitting hard on the suspects, and that was how the said victims were killed.

The family of the boys, after being briefed of the incident, rushed down to the scene for a rescue mission, which later ended in futility.

Source:Bodmas kemepadei

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