Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Landlady Flees After Killing Tenant With Juju (Charms) In Lagos

The landlady of 16 Adekoya Street in Ojo Local Government Area of Lagos State and her children are on the run, following alleged murder of one of her tenants, Idowu Oladele, weekend.

She stated that they left the cooler which was used to take food to the party, at their door step, with the intention to wash them next day. According to her, ”barely had we settled down than we heard bangs on the door.

When my husband opened the door, he found our landlady and her two children, Awwal and Zainab. “The landlady asked why we put our property at our doorstep, that every part of the compound belongs to her.

While my husband tried to reply, her son, Awwal, hit him on his head. As he turned to face Awwal, the landlady used a charm to hit my husband on his chest.

He (husband) started jerking and after some minutes, he fell and died.” During a visit to the area, yesterday, tenants said the fleeing suspect had threatened severally to kill the deceased. According to a tenant, who spoke on the condition of anonymity:

“She has been threatening to take his life on several occasions. In fact, just some days ago, the landlady told Idowu that she would kill him very soon, because he was daring her in that compound.”

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