Saturday, 23 March 2019

Kano Rerun: How APC Agents Chased PDP Members Into Hiding In Gama

Thousands of weapon carrying hoodlums, majority of whom were wearing the All Progressives Congress, APC, agent’s tag took over the show in Gama ward of Nasarawa Local Government area during the governorship election rerun in Kano.

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)’s supporters were forced into hiding as APC took control of everything.

When reporters visited the area at around 3:30pm Saturday, they observed massive exodus of those supporting PDP out of the area.

A resident, Ya’u Alhaji, told reporters that the hoodlums that took over the streets were brought in to intimidate residents.

“I swear to God, all these people you are seeing are not from this area, they are only here to cause mayhem,” Ya’u has said.

Residents of Gama disclosed that they have seen a lot of strange faces in the area right from the time of early morning prayer and those ‘strangers’ later took over the streets of Gama brandishing weapons and unleashing terror.

“It is not possible to identify yourself as PDP member here, not to talk of Agent. You can’t hang any PDP tag here,” a Gama resident stated.

It was earlier reported that some journalists were harassed as some of them escaped lynching by the hooligans.

Source :Daily Trust

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