Thursday, 14 February 2019

We Are Not Behind Burning Of INEC Materials And Offices..APC

The APC has denied the allegations by the PDP that the party was responsible for the fire incidences in some INEC offices.

It's National Chairman Adams Oshiomhole said “does it make sense for any responsible Nigerian, when there is fire incidence either in a private property or a public property, to jump into conclusion from the comfort of your room say that the ruling party must have done it.

“There is an Igbo proverb that when you see a mad man running naked and he pulled your clothes, you don’t join him in running naked. The PDP choose to run naked and make allegations over everything. They are free to do that. We are more busy and will not join issues.

“This election is for us and no election can be this easy for us. All we need is one man one vote and we will defeat the PDP. There will be no violence, no fighting. Just the votes which will be counted and we will win.”

He likened Atiku’s plans to grant amnesty to looters who refund part of their loot to a situation of not putting in place any punitive measure to deter others from towing the same part.

He said President Buhari was not a sit tight leader, but only exercising his constitutional right to seek a second term in office, saying the President has demonstrated his love for Nigeria with the love of infrastructures he has put in place across the country.

He told foreign observers that while their presence was appreciated, western leaders should not come and dictate to Nigeria how to carry out their activities, saying “we are not a colony of any western nation”.

Nigeria, he said is much more than all those seeking to be the President, appealing for a violence-free election which he said will be won by his party without having to resort to any form of rigging or intimidation.

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