Tuesday, 8 January 2019

PR Expert Bode Opeseitan Returns To Globacom

Foremost journalist and Public Relations expert Mr Bode Opeseitan who left gsm giant company Globacom in 2017 is back in the saddle of the company.

 The amiable marketing guru who has been one of the top management team of Nigeria's telecom company owned by billionaire Dr Mike Adenuga made the announcement on his social media page today posted below


In the past three days, I have received a deluge of messages and enquiries from well-appreciated people in different parts of the world who wanted to confirm if indeed I had returned to Globacm.

I wish to confirm that it is true. I thank everyone, particularly my friends and associates in the media who called or sent messages to wish me well and assure me of their full support. I was stupefied when a media chief said last night, "you're one of the best in your field." I cannot thank you all enough for the confidence you have reposed in me. As we embark on this journey, I urge you all to please stand by me and this great brand which definitely has a lot of spectacular offerings for its subscribers.

Some reports have also been published about this development. I wish to request that as it has been my tradition over the years, the focus should be on the corporate brand and not on my personality.

I have also had to set the records straight regarding a report in an online publication, "The Capital", a copy of which has been reproduced below. I thank you all once again for your kindness and unbounded thoughtfulness and I wish to thank the publisher of The Capital who has promised to make the necessary amendments.

Re: Second Time Lucky... Bode Opeseitan Gets A Second Chance, Returns To GLOBACOM

My attention has been drawn to a story published by your online publication "The Capital" with the above topic and I wish to correct some misrepresentations therein.

Kindly note that the issue of being given a second chance as stated in the publication did not arise. My return to Globacom was a mark of respect for Mr. Chairman, whom, like you observed in the publication, I saw more like a father than an employer. I will not like to go further than that out of utmost respect for the organisation.

Secondly, I was not Head of Sponsorship as you reported. I was Director of PR, Events and Promotions as at the time I left.

Thirdly, I did not leave "almost one year ago" as you reported, I left in July 2017, one and a half years ago.

Fourthly, I did not jettison SA&B Mega Resources as you published, an organisation founded by thoroughbred professionals who are some of the best in their fields from different parts of the world. I left for a purpose while the other promoters of the business have continued with the good work.

By my nature, I ordinarily would not have responded to this veiled polemic but it is important to set the records straight.

I thank you for your support while looking forward to further support for Globacom in its quest to consolidate its position as a revolutionary institution in Africa's telecommunications milieu.


Bode Opeseitan

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