Saturday, 26 January 2019

I Learnt About My Brother's Death Through Newspaper..Brother Of Bizman That Committed Suicide In Lagos

Segun Akintola, the elder brother of a furniture seller, Michael Asiwaju, who committed suicide at a hotel in FESTAC, Lagos State, says the family received the news with a rude shock.

He said he knew about the death after a friend drew his attention to the story in Newspaper.

Contrary to his popular name, the brother said the businessman’s real name is Dare Akintola.

Segun stated that the deceased adopted Asiwaju in his company’s name, Asiwaju Royal Furniture, adding that he did not know how he came about the name Michael.

 Asiwaju took a poisonous substance suspected to be Sniper, after he was accused on Twitter of raping women.

He responded to the allegation in several tweets on January 12, claiming that two of the women were actually his girlfriends whom he had spent money on at a club.

Although he admitted having sex with them, he said it was consensual, adding that one Blessing instigated the allegation to blackmail him.

He said his ailing mother died after reading the rape allegation online and expressed his intention to kill himself.

“Goodbye I’ll die soon. (I) am gone,” he had tweeted at 7.35pm on Saturday, January 12.

Afterwards, he checked into the hotel with the name Prince Moses. He was found dead in his room around 12am the following day with two bottles of Sniper he was suspected to have taken.

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