Monday, 24 December 2018


CKN With The Spokesman Of The Nigerian Army Brig Gen Usman In Maiduguri
My visit to Borno State as a guest of the Nigerian Army has opened my eyes to the risk being taken by our Military to keep us safe.

The "war" in the North East especially in Borno State is even substantially under reported.We have lost several young and brilliant gallant soldiers across all ranks to this senseless insurgence .

Some many widows have been created ,so many children have lost their fathers and bread winners and life will never be the same again for them.

Some of their dependents will not recover for the rest of their lives.

The funnest part of it is that none of them know if they will be the next victims.

Some Journalists told the Chief Of Army Staff that we should be embedded into the Military convoy to take a trip to some of the war zones.The Army Chief said this will be too dangerous.

The war in the North East is not a conventional war ,the terrorists can strike anywhere and anytime even where were .

For once i saw the real danger these young men and women go through everyday .

But they remain undeterred, they are ready to see this to the end.

They have signed to lay down their lives just for their fellow country men to live in peace despite the limited resources and equipment at their disposals.,some of hem have paid the ultimate price doing this.

How well have we taken care of their welfare, social security,insurance policies, their families?.

Some have been in the bushes for over 18 months without setting their eyes on their love ones.

Despite all these sacrifices,some Nigerians still don't see any good in their sacrifices and efforts.We take delight in "bad mouthing " them.

They get demoralized by some of the things they read in the pages of Newspapers ,hear on radio and watch on Television .

Even worse is the various posts on social media by Nigerians which tends to portray our military as a set of useless people who don't know their left from their rights.

We must start to change our mind sets .

In the past few months that i have traveled to the US ,United Kingdom and Asian countries ,you need to see how they cherish and respect their military men.

At every Airline Boarding Point,once the kids are called to board ,the next persons to be called to board are Military men and veterans,even before holders of 1st class tickets .

Do we do same here.

I saw the deep scar (cut) on the forehead of the Spokesman of the Nigerian Army Brig Gen Usman standing with me in this picture ,i didn't ask him how he got it but i know it is in the course of duty.It is so deep that he could have been dead by now.

Let us rise to the challenges of appreciating our own.

Let us support our military men and pray God to continue to guide and protect them .

The mistakes of a few cannot be used to brush aside the huge sacrifices they are making to keep us safe.

If you are in doubt,take a trip to parts of Borno State and the Lake Chad.

Lets lend them our support.

Chris Kehinde  Nwandu :Is the President ,Guild Of Professional Blogers Of Nigeria And Editor In Chief CKN News And CKN News TV

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