Monday, 3 December 2018

American Visa And Nigeria's Political Nonsense..By Azuka Jebose

These times in Nigeria, political conversations have been anchored on mundane trivialities: the death and cloning of a 76-year-old Muhammad Buhari and the American visa crap with Abubarka Atiku. Why have we become so subservient to America's ways of existence that we think it should be guidelines for our future as an independent nation. We are so consumed by everything American. We have become volunteered slaves to America's lifestyles, a freed colony, blazingly flirting to be colonized and dehumanized by the United States Of America in this 21st Century. My people, what is wrong with us?

These conversations exposed us as lesser humans, primitive, a people without pride and dignity. We are fools, still living in the dark ages, sheltered underneath caves in the overgrown forests of Nigeria's democratic institution. Otherwise, why would American Visa and who she allows into her country, become a national conversation these campaigns circle?. Our politicians, their supporters, mainstream and social media think that being granted a visa coming to America, are greatest than our existence, our liberty, our birthright and our nation. Honestly, I feel humiliated. I am disappointed to be born a Nigerian.
Sadly, the nation's mainstream media and popular blogs give this childish and inconsequential stories life, prominence and credence. Dear Nigerians, where are our values as a free people?. What happened to our pride and "that Naija swagger?". Are we inferior humans?.

Do you sincerely think America gives a damn about the relevance of the conversations?. America has standards, laws and regulations with regards to her Homeland security. She has never wavered or given any spectacular person special consideration for visa approval without following existing due process. This Atiku visa gate should not be a priority, these campaigns period. It is disgraceful. This election is about our dear native land Nigeria. It is not about the United States Of America. Nigeria is littered with dysfunctional palava. Buhari and Atiku have failed policies past and present. Let us hold them accountable. Let them engage us with how they are going to make our lives better with functional health care, creation of employment opportunities, Safety and security,small business programs, provision of free education at all levels, structured and functional transportation system, roads, bridges, hospitals, rural and regional clinics and electrification, water, 24hr electricity, social security and welfare for the elderly Nigerians.

What are their deliverables and how will those impact our lives? There are babanla orishirishi wahala in Nigeria that needs immediate resolution: unemployment rate continues to triple for graduates and school cert holders, Crime rates are highest, inflation is flaming our land fiercely, Islamist terrorism continues to dare us with deaths of civilians and our Armed Forces, Nigerians have no access to affordable structured and functional hospitals, electricity is still light years away from being regular. And all we are being offered every day here are that Atiku had been denied entry or granted a U.S Visa, that Buhari died in January and his clone is in Aso rock. Nigerians think. Stop this nuisance about America, Cloning and Visa. Let us get serious. This election is about the lives of almost 200Million Nigerians including children, the aged populace, the rich and the poor. Don't allow these politicians to fool you. Stay focused.

**Azuka Jebose Is A US Based Nigerian Journalist

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