Friday, 21 December 2018

2019 Budget: NASS Members Should Go Back To School – Muric

The Muslim Rights Concern (Muric) has urged members of the National Assembly to “go back to school” as they are “infantile.”

This comment was in a reaction to President Muhammadu Buhari’s booing by members of the National Assembly during the presentation of the 2019 budget.

A statement by the group noted that “Our lawmakers manifested articulated immaturity and exhibited pronounced desertification of parliamentary decorum.

“They desecrated the hallowed chamber. It was such a shame of a National Assembly (NASS).

“They descended to the lowest abyss of disgraceful conduct. It is now very clear that the 8th NASS is suffering from acute poverty of patriotism, a yawning lacuna for dignity and an irredeemable deficiency in righteousness.

The statement hailed Buhari for staying calm throughout the presentation in spite of the boos, noting that he has fought corruption to a standstill.

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According to Muric, “Lawmaking is a leadership position but our lawmakers failed to display the necessary qualities of leadership. They disappointed Nigerians.

“All those who partook in the booing and jeering need to be taken back to school where they will learn the art of discipline and the qualities of leadership.

“They are square pegs in a round hole. It is such a shame that our lawmakers decided to vent their spleen in such a disgraceful manner on their president simply because the man refused to join in the rapacious avarice to loot the nation dry.

“They failed to realize that the line of demarcation between lawmaking and law-breaking is very thin and fragile and they crossed that line in their exhibition of legislative rascality.”

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