Why Middle Belt, South-South Are Backing Atiku – Edwin Clark

Elder statesman Edwin Clark has said South-South and Middle Belt Leaders were supporting former Vice President Atiku Abubakar because of his clamor for restructuring.

Speaking while hosting a campaign group for Atiku under the aegis of Atikulated Leadership Movement, Clark noted that any presidential candidate talking about restructuring wants the best for Nigerians.

He said: “I think we need someone who will restructure this country and someone who believes in restructuring. We, as Southern and Middle Belt leaders, believe that this country should be restructured.

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"During the presidential primaries, we interfaced with about 16 presidential aspirants and we came to the conclusion that whoever believes in the restructuring of Nigeria should be our candidate. That is why we are talking about Atiku today.

"He has been talking about restructuring even before now. It is not what he picked overnight. We believe that whoever talks about restructuring wants a better life for this country and that is the person we are going to vote for.

"It must be remembered that when we interacted with the 16 presidential aspirants, almost all of them believed in the restructuring of this country.

"Anybody stopping it or arguing against it does not want the betterment of Nigeria. As I said earlier, if we do not restructure Nigeria, we do not want the survival of Nigeria as a country.”
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