Late Veteran Actress Bukky Ajayi's Daughter Delivers First Baby In US

Veteran actress, Bukky Ajaji's actress daughter, Yvonne Jegede Fawole and her hubby, Abounce, have welcomed their first child. Yvonne who got married in February 2017, gave birth yesterday in America.

The newly happy mother took to her Instagram to express her gratitude and joy.

"When i first laid my eyes on you, heard your cry and felt your heartbeat, i developed an unconditional love. I never knew i could witness an angel on earth, you are so beautiful X. 

From the moment you were handed to me, i felt something new awakened inside my heart. You have brought me so much joy I cannot explain. I promise to give you everything i have. 

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Hold unto my hand and never let it go, i will cross any ocean before i let you down. I know someday you’ll grow into someone who will shine super bright for the world to see because you are a star, don’t let anybody tell you otherwise because there’s no dream in this world that you cannot achieve.

Thank you for choosing me as a channel to come into this world, it is a privilege I will never take for granted.
With love,

She also posted a picture of the she and the new baby with the caption below;

"It has finally happened for my girl, after a very long journey my girl @yvonnejegedefawole has finally given birth to a lovely bouncing baby boy few hours ago. It’s sure a pleasure to be on live video watching my girl give birth. Yvonne jegede welcome to motherhood. "
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