Father Kills Five Family Members, Friend In Japan

Seven people have been found dead in a gruesome family massacre that shocked Japan. Six people were found dead in a farmhouse and a seventh in a river.

A father is suspected of using a machete to murder his parents, wife, son, daughter, and a family friend, who was trying to resolve a family dispute. He then took his own life.

Japanese media said farmhouse owner Yasuo Iihoshi, 72, his wife Mihoko, 66, their 21-year-old grandson Takumi, and their seven-year-old granddaughter Yui were among the dead. 

They were killed by Masahiro, 42, who is the son of Yasuo and Mihoko and the father of Takumi and Yui. Masahiro's wife Mikiko, 41, and 44-year-old family friend Fumiaki Matsuoka were also found dead.

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The six were found dead in a farmhouse. A woman's body was found outside, while the other five bodies were inside the house. The man responsible for the mass killing was found dead in a river and is thought to have jumped from a bridge.

Detectives have said that "family trouble" led to the murder-suicide on Monday morning in the remote mountain village of Takachiho in the south-western prefecture of Miyazaki.

All six who were found in the home had been stabbed. A blood-stained machete was found in the house. Masahiro's body was discovered near the ancient Takachiho Gorge, a popular tourist destination. His car was parked nearby.
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