I Don't Joke With My Wife - Actor, Saka

Nollywood actor Afeez Oyetoro, aka Saka, has said she speaks passionately about his wife because she takes care of the home front effectively.

Saka also noted that due to his childhood, he would not be willing to let another person raise his child.

“As a growing kid, I lived under very strict conditions that didn’t allow me to express myself,” he said.

“It affected me during my university days. I will never allow my children to be brought up by anyone.

“Also, parents need to know that there is a difference between fear and respect. I fear you don’t mean I respect you.

“Once you are close to me, I will do whatever you want but I know I will be free later. But if your child loves you, he or she will respect you even when you are not around.”

He added that he has “a wonderful wife who shares my passion and vision. It is like God created the two of us for each other.

“She agreed and decided to leave her job so as to keep the house together. She is a graduate of Mathematics and she was a teacher when I met her.

“She has taken care of the home very well; that is why I speak passionately about her all the time.”

Source: Punch
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