Sunday, 28 October 2018

Police IRT Unit Head DCP Abba Kyari Reacts To Billionaire Kidnapper Evans Allegations Against His Team

The Head of the IRT unit of the Nigerian Police DCP Abba Kyari that led the capture of notorious billionaire kidnapper Evans has reacted to the recent comments credited to the kidannper against his team.

Abba Kyari took to his facebook page to debunk the stories

This was what he posted (unedited)

"Friends: We are expecting all these lies and many more From Nigeria’s Most Notorious Billionaire KIDNAPPING Kingpin and Killer Evans, His Lawyers and his group.

If Tomorrow we Arrest Shekau the Boko Haram leader Shekau and his lawyers will still Fabricate many Such false allegations against the police that arrested him. Obviously you don’t expect either Shekau or Evans to like the people that ended the crime empire they built in many years.

Where, when and how where those Criminals Evans was talking about were killed? Is it that they don’t have parents or family members to speak out for them? Or is Evans their father? If we are killing Criminals why didn’t we kill him Evans as the kingpin?

Obviously the new Lawyers are trying to package Evans as innocent business man after Confessions upon confessions of Hundreds of kidnappings and killings of innocent Nigerians across the Nation for over 20yrs which was corroborated by the Arrest of more of his Gangmembers/Informants/Recovery Of weapons/Properties in Nigeria and other Countries as a result of his confessions.

We would never relent, we would follow the case to the last and all the Gangmembers On the Run Sponsoring the Lawyers etc will equally be brought to Justice. Nigerians And Our Courts are wiser than this. He will surely get the Justice he deserves and all his Victims and Families Of his late Victims will Equally get the justice they deserve."

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