Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Controversy Trails First Bank's Attempt To Take Over Multi Billon Naira Whiteplain British School Abuja

Controversy ranges over an alleged attempt by First Bank Plc to take over  Whiteplains British School, Jabi Abuja.

Investigation revealed that First Bank Plc has also instructed and contracted some persons to infiltrate and pervert the Bank’s loan agreement it had with Whiteplains British School, with forgery and fraud just to achieve selfish criminal intents for which the Nigeria Police have obtained statements from the perpetrators, some who have thus alleged that they were working on behalf of First Bank Plc.

In 2012 First Bank made an offer to open a loan relationship with Whiteplains British School, after initially refunding the earlier loan of N390m, which Whiteplains British School had with Guaranty Trust Bank. Thereafter, First Bank advanced N100m to Whiteplains British for the completion of the School blocks, and another N200m for the school’s running costs. Surprisingly, from the N200m loan granted for the school’s running costs, First Bank Plc instantly deducted N188.6m with the explanation that it needed to use the sum to perfect the title deed, a larger than life perfection charges to the best of our knowledge.

This according to invstigation crippled the school, and set the tone for the onward march of First Bank Plc towards debauchery. It might interest you to note that while the loan is yet to expire in June 2019, First Bank Plc had already gone the extra mile in suffocating the ability of Whiteplains British School to pay the loan under normal circumstances as a result of its nefarious activities of sabotaging the administration of the school thereby enabling the school to run at a loss for the past four (4) years.

Some of the questions being asked are:

·      Why did First Bank file a suit just to claim and takeover the school without establishing any monetary debt claim it has against the school?

·      Why did First Bank, acclaimed judgment creditor threw the judgment of our court to a dustbin and on its own seal up the school on a Sunday?

·      Why did the First Bank allow nefarious persons to deny our future leaders their own cradle of civilization school?
The answer isn’t far fetched; it is the intoxicating unbridled greed and forgery against an unsuspecting customer that wholeheartedly believed that it was relating with an epitome of noble financial body of a bank.

Very disturbing in First Bank’s loan agreement with Whiteplains British School is the curious perplexing strange document; a said TRIPARTITE LEGAL MORTGAGE brought in as if it was part and parcel of the Bank loan arrangements with Whiteplains British School.

The management of the school said that this document said to have entered into by First Bank Plc, Whiteplains British School and France Lee Nigeria Ltd, styled as guarantor. It is noteworthy to state here however according to them, that France Lee Nigeria Ltd has sworn an affidavit that it has already sold the land in 2008 to Legacy Academy which is an affiliate of Whiteplains British School, and there is no way France Lee could have been a surety to the person that has purchased the land from her, and therefore it would never have entered into any such agreement with First Bank Plc as the property in question is wholly owned by Legacy Academy, the subsidiary school of Whiteplains British School.

All efforts according to them to get the response of members of the board of directors of First Bank Plc have proved abortive despite sending each of them detailed documents revealing the depth of the forgery perpetrated by First Bank Plc. More curiously, the said TRIPARTITE LEGAL MORTGAGE purported registration with the corporate affairs commission was facilitated by the following forged documents:

·      Letter dated 7th April 2014 by a law firm of LAGARDER AND CO Barristers & Solicitors said to be counsel to the Bank.

·      Earlier a letter from the same law firm called LAGARDERA AND CO Barristers and Solicitors with the same counsel address and phone line as in the above, but now in the same transaction claiming to be solicitors to an opposite/adverse party, France Lee Nigeria Ltd. Thus under this guise, the same Firm applied for the filling of the purported signatures of Directors of the said France Lee Nigeria Ltd.

·      Two affidavits purportedly sworn to by the two directors of France Lee Nigeria Ltd, before a Notary Public Godwin Imakhai Esq.

·      Forms CAC 8 (Particulars of Mortgage said to have been signed by two of the Directors of France Lee Nigeria Ltd: Mrs. Frances Charity Ibe & Mr. Chukwuemeka Prince Kelechi Ibe and said to have been filed on their behalf with commission by the said LAGARDERA & Co.

Attempts by CKN News to get the reaction of the bank was unsuccessful as at the time of this report

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