Thursday, 4 October 2018

Atiku Shares His Thoughts On Educating And Empowering Our Youth

Atiku Abubakar has described Nigerian youth as the future of Nigeria.

The PDP presidential front runner said Nigerian youth “are resilient, resourceful and rearing to do great things but their dreams and aspirations are consistently undermined by a broken educational system, a lack of access to jobs and opportunities as well as difficulty in accessing credit to set up businesses.

The former Vice president in showering encomiums on young Nigerians said “their talents and creativity are Nigeria's greatest asset, and their hopes and aspirations will shape our nation's future. Yet they cannot succeed without state support.

Continuing he made a solemn promise “as President, I promise an overhaul of the educational system because our children need schools that teach them to read, write, and calculate that enables them to think critically, creatively, and without fear. 

They need jobs once they leave school and they need opportunities to move on and up once they enter the workforce. Most of all, they need the confidence that they can make a difference, and they need a say in the direction the country is taking.”

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