Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Another 36 House Of Reps Members May Dump APC Next Week

The All Progressives Congress members of the House of Representatives might leave the party following the crisis over the loss of return tickets for 2019 deepened.

report says an about 36 more aggrieved members could leave the party next week. Recall that up to 70 members had protested their loss of return tickets after the party's primary election to its appeal panel.

Incidentally, the panel was said to have resolved only eight of the cases in favour of the petitioners, leaving the majority of 62 out of the equation.

The defection plans are on in spite of the ongoing efforts by President Muhammadu Buhari to resolve the disputes in the party.

Three weeks ago, he had summoned the aggrieved lawmakers to the Aso Rock Presidential Villa, just days to the submission of the final list of candidates to the Independent National Electoral Commission.

It was learnt that the President called the meeting after he heard the threats by the members to defect from the APC and work against the party during the 2019 polls.

Source: Punch

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