Sunday, 9 September 2018

Mother Of Three Asks Court To Severe Her Marriage Because Of Constant Beating

An Oyo state Customary Court, Mapo, has adjourned till October 8, the divorce suit brought before it by a woman, Ronke Olanrewaju against her husband, Sunday Olanrewaju.

According to the plaintiff, her major reason for dragging her husband to court was that he was a brute and had almost snuffed life out of her due to his constant beating.

Ronke, therefore, pleaded with the court to end their relationship and grant her custody of the three children their marriage is blessed with. Sunday accepted claim but did not agree to divorce.

Ronke gave his evidence stating that:“My lord, I’m praying this honourable court to dissolve my marriage to my husband or else I will poison him. I’m tired of our union because my husband is not interested in my welfare and that of our children. I do all in my power to make our home a happy one and our marriage a success, but he keeps frustrating me.

"He appears gentle and reasonable, but he’s a brute and will in a short while end my life if I don’t end my marriage to him. We live like cat and mouse and no day passes without us fighting.

"He’s envious and hates to see me with other men. Any time he sees me with my customers who are mostly male, he raves and descends on me with heavy blows. He won’t let go until he inflicts wounds on me.

"Our neighbours on some occasions had to invite the police after they had tried mediating in our crises without any success.“He didn’t stop at beating me, he also beat my mother blue-black which was the height of his brutality.

"My lord, I’m not only praying for divorce but also the custody of our children so that I can give them the necessary attention, “she stated.“Please, don’t separate us, “Sunday pleaded with the court.

Stating his reason for his plea, he stated that, “I’m a responsible person and has never starved my family of their needs. It is true she takes care of me and our children very well. If she leaves me, our children will suffer.

"My parents are late and I can’t think of any other who will give them adequate care and attention like their mother. I don’t want them to go through that harrowing experience I had as a child.

"My lord, I’m ready to write and sign an undertaking promising not to beat her again. Please, help me appeal to her not to leave me. It’s difficult finding a wife as lovable as her, “he concluded.

The court president, Chief Olasunkanmi Agbaje after listening to the duo stated that more evidence would be needed. He, therefore, adjourned the case till October 8, and asked both parties to come to court with their children and parents.

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