Lady Exposes Bishop That Raped Her During Church Service In USA

A Colorado woman identified as McKenna Denson has confronted her alleged rapist during a church service in Arizona.

It was gathered that the woman took a flight to Arizona to confront the alleged rapist whom she claimed assaulted her 30 years ago.

The woman was seen in a viral footage climbing the pulpit to call and finger a man sitting among the congregation as the person who allegedly raped her.

Denson claimed she was training as a missionary in 1984, in Provo when Bishop, the Missionary Training Center’s President, reportedly raped her in a basement room.

She went to the church on Sunday with a cameraman she brought who filmed the whole revelation she made on the pulpit.

Denson’s cameraman also filmed the alleged rapist in the congregation before sharing the viral video online.

It was seen from the footage that a man alleged to be Joseph Bishop’s son was whispering into the ear of a church leader who later approaches her.

After he approached her, another man joins them and they forced her out of the pulpit after she tells them to call the police.

Denson called the forceful eviction assault. She later revealed that her intent was to warn the apparently shocked church members.
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