Thursday, 13 September 2018

Daddy Showkey Blasts Lepacious Bose Over Skin Bleaching Remarks, Then Apologises

Singer Daddy Showkey has descended heavily on comedienne Lepacious Bose over her remarks on skin bleaching trend amongst Nigerians at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA) awards recently.

The Nigerian comedienne had expressed her preference for Ghanaians for not indulging in skin bleaching like their Nigerian counterparts, noting that Ghanians rock in their natural skin, unlike Nigerians that confuse her with different skin tones.

Few days later, Daddy Showkey took to his Instagram handle to heavily lambaste Lepacious Bose

In his video captioned ‘Mumu! Mumu!! Mumu!!!, who dey look for Mumu, Mumu! Mumu!! Mumu!!! Who dey look for Mumu, we go give you the Mumu for free’, Daddy Showkey described Lepacious Bose as a mumu (dunce) and an attention seeker.

Though he deleted the video after a while, some online media who captured it before the deletion quoted him to have lashed out at Lepacious Bose thus: “Mumu, see mumu when you went to school but will not understand what you are saying. You will just open your big mouth and saying anything because you want to be important. Who are you sef? Mumu.”

Not long after Showkey posted another video on same topic, with some words of apologies sprinkled with some tongue-in-cheek inquiries.

He said: “Lepacious Bose I am sorry I take back my mumu but will you say you went to Ghana and you saw no one bleaching like Nigerians do. Between Ghana and Congo who do you think bleaches their skin more as they are the ones mixing bleaching creams for Nigerians. Please done be angry, I talk too much.”

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