Saturday, 1 September 2018

Comedian, Seyi Law Urges Nigerians To Question Wealth Of Politicians

Comedian Seyi Law has advised Nigerians to look into the wealth of Nigerian politicians instead of questioning those of hardworking entertainers.

The comedian gave this advice in a recent interview, days after several online users suggested that his claims about being broke with only N63,000 left in his bank account and buying a house shortly after is misleading.

Reacting to the outrage, Seyi Law said it is very good to probe the wealth of others, however, he wishes this can also be channelled into the wealth of politicians.

He said, "I feel that it is good that Nigerians are asking questions. If someone asks the police to investigate me, I think it is a good thing but I think that there are people we should demand that from. We should demand more of that from our politicians.

"If someone demands that the police should investigate, it is not a bad thing. However, one thing people should know is that I am one of the very few entertainers that can swear on his life that no politician has gifted me money.

"Everything that I own today came from my sweat. One of the questions the journalist who called me out on social media should have asked is, ‘have I fully paid for the house?’ He did not ask me and that is part of his stupidity and where he made mistakes.”

Source: Punch

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