Thursday, 6 September 2018

24 Years Lady Arrested For Strangulating Her Baby To Death In FCT

A 24 years woman by name Odun has strangulated her two months baby to death in Abuja.

She is from Osun, Southwest Nigeria. Odun was in a relationship with one Ade who promised to marry her.

Odun according to report was so happy that she not only gave money to Ade who was into lottery but rented an apartment and furnished the place for them.

 Instead of moving in with Ade, Odun on getting to the house met another girl there. She was heartbroken, mad, infuriated and furious.Already, she was two months pregnant for Ade.

    Ade begged her to go and live with his mother in Osun, at first she was hesitant but she finally succumbed. She was however maltreated by Ade's mother so she left three months later.

   Odun after having her baby returned to Abuja but discovered Ade was still living with the other lady. He asked her to go back to his mother but she refused.

   Last week Odun had enough. She strangled her baby to death, neatly packed the baby in a cellophane bag and waited until midnight in her one room apartment. She sneaked into a nearby bush and buried the baby.

    Unknown to her, a neighbor did not only see her but noticed how she buried her child. Two days later , the neighbor confronted her and raised the alarm which attracted the police. Odun was then arrested.

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