Friday, 10 August 2018

Wife Sets Home On Fire ,Kill Two Children After She Was Caught Having Sex With Lover

A man is currently battling for his life after his wife who was allegedly caught having sex with another man set their home on fire.

This was the story as posted in popular Facebook social platform RANT HQ

"#Evil This happens when you marry wrongly

This man who was on night shift, Suddenly fell sick and Went back home only to catch his wife pants down having sex on their Matrimonial Bed so he told her to leave his house peacefully.

The wife however requested to be allowed to leave in the morning as it would be dangerous to leave in the night. The husband allowed her to stay, and slept in the children’s bedroom.

 But Then She Woke Up In The Middle Of The Night And Set The Entire House On Fire And Ranaway, Burning Her 2 Kids To Death Only The Husband Survived, He Is Currently Fighting For His Life At The Hospital"

Source:Rant HQ

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