Saturday, 4 August 2018

Why I Sent My Son To Learn Mechanics – Film Maker, Kunle Afolayan

Nollywood actor and filmmaker Kunle Afolayan has revealed why his children are different from other children.

The actor posted a video of his son training as an intern in a mechanic workshop instead of playing like other children during the holiday.

In a chat with a national daily, the award-winning filmmaker said:“Children of this generation may think they are having fun because they didn’t experience what some of us experienced but they are caged. Most of their life is spent either in front of television or the computer game. 

My children are a bit different; they are not addicted to anything. Even the most senior one who has a phone, most times I force him to pick the phone because he doesn’t stay on it.

"I also want him to learn how to interact with people outside the house and learn how to speak Yoruba so that when he is back in school, he will understand that life has different sides and not everybody is privileged to have what he has,” he added.

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