Friday, 3 August 2018

There Will Be No Peace In Senate Until We Remove Saraki...Katsina Senator

Sen. Abu Ibrahim( APC - Katsina ) has said peace will be elusive in the Nigerian Senate until its President , Senator Bukola Saraki relinquishes the position .

In an interview with newsmen on Thursday , Ibrahim commended Saraki for honourably leaving the All Progressives Congress.

However , he asked him to follow up with the next logical deed : by honourably resigning.

“I think it is commendable that he has left the party . He has chosen the path of survival because it is the issue of political survival not anything for Nigeria .

“But next is for him to resign as Senate President because by all conventions all over the world , the majority party produces the leadership ; Senate President, the Majority Leader and others.

“Again, let him be gentleman enough and resign as Senate President .

“If he does not, we will never have peace in that Senate because it is absolutely clear that APC has the majority to produce the leadership .

Senator Ibrahim debunked PDP claims that it has the majority in the Senate with recent defections .

“I hear the PDP claiming the majority , but it is crystal clear that APC has the majority . We will have more members . We will conduct two bye -elections and we will have the two members .

“We also have some alliance with APGA . It is clear that APC has the majority .”

“APC with the majority should produce the leadership in the Senate .

49 cannot produce the leadership .
“Saraki should resign as Senate President. ”

Ibrahim also debunked as unfounded an allegation that some senators attempted to break into the Senate chamber on Wednesday to reconvene plenary .

“How do you break into the chamber?

If we like we can reconvene legally because it is legal for us to reconvene .

“We do not need to break into the chamber when we have the number. I will never subscribe to that .We can reconvene . The rules are there that if we are up to 30 we can reconvene .

“Why should we break into the chamber when we can reconvene legally and do what we want to do.

“It is legal. I do not see why anybody should contemplate that we can break into the chamber .

“I do not know about it and even if I know about it , I will say it is unwise .

” However , if the leadership does not ask for peace , it will not get peace .

Peace is a function of leadership .

“I have been in the Senate for about four times. I cannot allow anybody to manipulate me. I cannot take it .”

( NAN )

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