Monday, 13 August 2018

National Assembly Cancels Plan To Reconvene Tuesday

The National Assembly will not reconvene on Tuesday to consider the budget for the 2019 polls and other pending issues, Concise News has learnt.

Last week, the Deputy Speaker of the House, Yusuf Lasun, had announced that the National Assembly would reconvene on Tuesday to consider the budget for the 2019 polls and other pending issues forwarded to lawmakers by President Muhammadu Buhari in July.

The House of Representatives spokesman, Abdulrazak Namdas, told reporters on Monday that the House had yet to decide on a reconvening date.

It was learned that some National Assembly members said they are not sure whether the two chambers will reconvene to consider the 2019 budget of INEC, because the Chairman, Bukola Saraki, has not made  any official announcement.

A member of the House from the Northwest said: “This budget is important but there is anxiety everywhere on the security implications of recalling members.

“From the look of things, our leaders are looking at all options on how to make the ratification of the budget easier.”

Another principal officer of the House said: “We have not been told when the National Assembly will reconvene to consider the poll budget. I know the Speaker assured INEC Chairman Mahmud Yakubu last week that we will give the budget a speedy consideration. We are awaiting a recall announcement.

“So far, Tuesday does not look practicable. The basic challenge is the crisis of confidence among members of the two chambers.

“I think the National Assembly leadership is trying to manage the tempers arising from the defections  and the siege to the Assembly complex last week. We are also talking to ourselves to allow reason to prevail.”

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