Friday, 17 August 2018

Mother Of Four Pours Husband Boiling Hot Water In Lagos

Ibe Akachi and 32 year old Joy Imeribe have been staying together for 13 years even though he had not paid her bride price

  They have four children, they stay at Number One, Karounmi street, Ijesha in Lagos. Joy said her husband hardly gives them enough money to eat saying days ago, she borrowed three thousand from a friend, one thousand to feed the children, and two thousand to buy second hand  clothes and sell at Aswani market so as to raise money.

On coming back, her husband Akachi asked her where she was coming from, she told him but he did not believe her. He accused her of flirting around saying he's aware she had a secret boyfriend.

    This led to an argument which degenerated into a fight, Akachi beat her up that night, Joy kept the grudge until the morning and while her husband was in the kitchen to pick his breakfast, Joy poured hot, boiling water on him. He is at the hospital battling to save his life at the moment. Joy is presently in custody. Her family is begging for forgiveness

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