Tuesday, 21 August 2018

FCT Police Command Parades Three Fake Journalists

The FCT Police Command has paraded three alleged fake journalists.

Those paraded were Kolawole Akin, Rasheed Kareem and Isah Ibrahim who the police said disguised as journalists to access major events venues in Abuja where they steal phones and other valuables from dignitaries.

They were arrested at a church in Asokoro, Abuja where they were picking pockets, the police said.

The Police chief said: “On the 11th August, 2018 police operatives arrested three suspects who usually disguised as journalists to steal cash, phones and other valuables from the public gatherings.

“The suspects who operate mostly at worship and event centres where you have large gathering of important personalities were arrested at a Church in Asokoro.”

One of the suspected fake journalists, Akin, said: “I work with African Peoples Voice. We were on our way to Asokoro to pick something from a friend when we noticed cars parked with a big crowd in front of the church.

“We went in and disguised as journalists. We go to such gatherings like that to steal but I didn’t steal on that day. It was my friend that picked things from people’s pockets and bags.

“We normally go to such gatherings to pick pockets because people don’t suspect that journalists would steal.”

The CP said the suspects would be arraigned in court on completion of investigation.

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