Thursday, 2 August 2018

Crisis Rocks Fed Character Commission As Ag Chairman Refuses To Vacate Seat

All is not well at Federal Character Commission as the Ag. Chairman refused to handover to a successor despite the expiration of his tenure as a member of Federal Character Commission   Board. (FCC)

Dr. Shettima, whose tenure expired on 31st July 2018 has refused to handover instead decided to sit-tight in total disobedience to directives by the  Secretary to the Government of the Federation, SGF Boss Mustapha and the extant procedure of succession in the Public Service of Nigeria.

It could be recall, SGF had in a circular dated 4th December 2017, Ref. No. SGF. 50/S. 11/C. 2/268.  Titled “End of tenure processes for Heads of Extra-Ministerial departments, Directors General, Chief Executive Officers of Parastatals, Agencies, Commissions and Government-owned Companies and succession guidelines,”  directed that the extant laws of succession be followed to the letter.

Federal Character Commission is vested with the responsibility to promote,  monitor and enforce compliance with the principles of proportional sharing of all bureaucratic, economic, media and political post at all levels of government amongst the federating units of Nigeria.

As it is now, the current sitting-tight Chairman and the Secretary to the Commission are all from Northeast zone. Borno and Taraba states respectively a situation that is in clear violation of  Federal Character Guiding Principles and Formulae for Distribution of Post " In a case where two positions are available, the positions shall be shared between the Northern and the Southern zones".

The sit-tight syndrome is generating unease and unnecessary tension amongst staff and board members of the Commission.

They are all eagerly  awaiting directives from the higher authority to salvage the situation.

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