Sunday, 12 August 2018

Car Vandal Dies During Police Chase In Lagos

If Daniel Ekwerekwu an indigene of Aguleri, Anambra state, (going by the voter's  card recovered from him), knew what fate had in stock for him at the early hours of today 12/08/2018, perhaps, he may have chosen another day to go vandalising people's cars.

Nemesis caught up with the said Daniel Ekwerekwu  at Okungade street, Mende-Maryland, Ikeja, where he went on a perilous mission of car vandalisation to wit stealing of car body/engine parts.

However, at about 0604hrs, one of the owners of the cars being vandalised woke up to prepare  for church service only  to see Daniel vandalising his car.

He raised alarm which attracted a police patrol team from Anthony Police Division on neighbourhood patrol as well as neighbours. They chased after the thief who ran into a building. He tried to scale the fence but unfortunately for him, his hands slipped off the wall and he landed  on a cemented floor breaking his skull as a result.

When the police searched his trousers pocket, they recovered a voter's card bearing his name and picture.

He was taken to Mainland  Hospital Yaba where he was confirmed dead. The body was thereafter deposited at the hospital's morgue for autopsy.

The Commissioner of Police once again wishes to encourage Lagos communities that are yet to form neighbourhood vigilante groups to do so. The CP promises that once the vigilante group meets the requirements of the law, the Command will recognise it and back them up with armed policemen since vigilante groups are not allowed to bear firearms.

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