Thursday, 2 August 2018

Buhari’s Government Marginalizing Women - NIM Alleges

President Muhammadu Buhari has marginalised women since coming on board in 2015, the Nigerian Institute of Management has alleged.

The NIM said that Buhari’s cabinet does not have a good number of women unlike that of his predecessor, Goodluck Jonathan

The President and Chairman of Council of the NIM, Olukunle Iyanda, made the allegation on Wednesday in Abuja, at the Annual Women in Management and Leadership Conference.

“Women accounted for about 33 percent of (former) President Jonathan’s cabinet, while the corresponding figures in President Buhari’s cabinet have declined by almost 50 percent to 19 percent,” Iyanda said.

“What these figures portray is that about half the population of Nigeria is marginalized and not enabled to contribute its quota to the development of the country.”

The NIM boss added that “The question might be raised as to why the society should worry about the gender gap in leadership positions.

“Generally, companies with more women than men on their boards are more profitable. In addition, the United Nations says that when women work or lead, economies grow.

“It is therefore obvious that the discrimination against women and their consequent under-representation in leadership positions negate the development process.

“It is thus in the interest of any organization or country, indeed of humanity, to ensure an equitable representation of women in their top decision-making and management positions.”

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