Friday, 6 July 2018

Picture Of Native Doctor Who Was Shot Dead While Trying A Bullet Proof Charm

Mr Chukwudu Ijezie recently met 26 year old native doctor Chinaka Adoezuwe to help him prepare a charm that will not allow bullet penetrate his body. This happened at Isiala Mbano Local government area of Imo state.

Chinaka agreed and on Tuesday, he called Chukwudi and told him the charm was ready. To show his client Chukwudi how potent and efficacious the charm is, Chinaka the 26 year old native doctor put the charm around his waist , gave Chukwudi a gun and asked him to shot him, Chukwudi and unfortunately, the bullet penetrated and the native doctor died instantly. 

The police have arrested Chukwudi for murder.

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