Nigerian Soldier Killed In Boko Haram Ambush One Year After Getting Married

Nigerian soldier, Obinna Onuoha, was one of the soldiers injured after Boko Haram ambushed the troop's location in Jilli, Yobe State.

The gallant soldier from Amike, Orlu Local Government Area of Imo State, was born on the 28th January 1988.

Nigerian soldier killed in Boko Haram ambush in Jilli, Yobe State got married a year ago

According to reports, he died due to lack of proper medical care. He suffered gun shots from the jilli attack at the Borno border. Onuoha and his wife got married a year ago. A Facebook page that supports the Nigerian military wrote:

"He called his wife on Monday that he might not make it but by the time she got to Maiduguri, he had died. 

We have direct contact with the family of late Obinna Onuoha and others who have lost loved ones and some of our soldiers in the field. Their stories heartbreaking. 

He his soul rest in Peace. But all hope is still very strong that our soldiers shall prevail. God bless Nigerian Military"

Emmanuel Obinna Onuoha pictured with wife during their military themed prewedding photoshoot.
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