Friday, 27 July 2018

I Will Not Tolerate Any Nonsense From Buhari Or Any Member Of APC..Adams Oshiomhole

APC National Chairman Adams Oshiomhole says he will not tolerate any form of insubordination form any member of the party including President Muhammadu Buhari.

Adams said this while meeting with APC members of the House of Representatives in Abuja.

Hear him

“I'm not going to take it easy with anyone who doesn't wish PMB, APC and Nigeria well. I have what it takes to fight any enemy of our National progress. I can also be a great friend. I have no business or interest other than the business I have at hand, I will be fair to all but anyone who thinks of promoting his own Ambition higher than the collective interest will meet me at the boxing ring. I have the history of most elites in Nigeria, I'm well grounded. However, I will want us to use our strength for peace not for war. No-one will take this party for a ride during my tenure, whether the person is a President, Governor, Senator or Minister. Even you. APC has been taken for granted for too long, now is the time for rewards and penalties.".

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