Monday, 2 July 2018

Dead Wife Vanishes Into Thin Air After Husband Spotted Her In Oshodi Years After Burial

The story of of a Nigerian man Okechukwu James Uwa who passed out upon spotting his ”late wife” two years after her burial have gone viral.

Okechukwu told newsmen that he travelled to Lagos on 27th June 2018 to see his former colleague, only to see his late wife on a bike at Oshodi.

He claimed she died two years ago. The man said he called her name and she turned to look at him, upon seeing him, she disappeared.

He said, “My wife died of motor accident two years ago which I have finished her burial but am shocked to see her with a man who was conveying her in his motorcycle.

"At first, I hesitated until I summoned courage and when I called her by her name, on turning to see me she disappeared.”

It was also gathered that the man, who carried her on the motorcycle, fainted twice after her disappearance.

He told newsmen that he met the “deceased” woman in a church and started his romantic relationship with her, shortly after they tied the knot.

"She told me she was all alone in Lagos working but told me she was from Ebonyi state. I have many times requested that I meet her people but she would decline saying that her people are evil,” he said.

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