Tuesday, 3 July 2018

CNN Anchor Christine Amanpour Berates Buhari Over Killings

CNN anchor woman Christine Amanpour has berated President Muhammadu Buhari over his handling of killings across Nigeria.

Hear her

"By all definitions and descriptions, the Nigerians so called herdsmen are terrorists and if President Buhari doesn't believe so, then it would be difficult for anyone to reasonably absolve him from complicity.

    "I cover war and crisis as a journalist ,I think I know and the world also knows how terrorists operate.

    "The fact that herdsmen attacking pattern is focused primarily on wiping off farmers should rob Buhari who has achieved only a littlr in his ecobomic agenda thats expected to be powered mainly by farmers.

    "The import of these well defined attacks on Nigerias economy are expected to be grave. May be in the long run greater than that of Boko Haram which has been largely localised to North East."

CNN correspondent Christianne Amanpour.

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