Sunday, 15 July 2018

Cattle Rearing Is Private Business, Says Elishama Ideh, Presidential Aspirant

Foremost woman presidential aspirant in 2019 general election, Dr. Elishama Ideh has said that the cattle rearing is a private business that no government should by no way get involved in.

Mrs. Ideh, who is contesting the for presidential job under the platform of the Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN) was responding to questions on the current killings and issue of states donating lands for ranching after the party's meeting in Abuja.

She said that though ranching is one of the solutions to the problem, but that such ranches should be localised to the herdsmen's immediate environment in there state of origin.

"From there, they can rear their cattles peacefully and in a hygienic way for onward transportation to anywhere they are to be sold off," she emphasised.

The presidential aspirant, who spoke on other different national issues, was greeted by a mammoth crowd waiting at the party's national secretariat alongside other party members of Alliance for New Nigeria.

She also addressed the audience who asked numerous questions about her dreams of new Nigeria and how she's going to address the incessant herdsmen menace if elected Nigeria's first woman president.

As a president Dr. Ideh said she would build a "secure democratic nation that's inclusive with justice and fairness based on the values of meritocracy, integrity, patriotism and unity; and to promote an industrialised, clean and green environment for the prosperity of all.
She stressed that her government will create a "fair, sustainable, unified, multi-religious, multi-cultural and productive first world nation with a globally competitive economy for the benefit of Nigeria and Africa."

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